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  • Posted February 06, 2020


The idea of selling heavy machineries online is, no doubt, a good one given the huge search volumes for related contents by potential heavy construction equipment buyers. However, it can quickly get frustrating when the right strategies are not in place due to the uniqueness of the market.

Unlike many other markets, purchases of heavy construction equipment are not made just after a single visit to your online store or after a few minutes conversation with a potential buyer. There is need to for you capture the right leads and nurture them into becoming customers.

Online marketing has several touch-points and could look cumbersome to non-experts, especially when it comes to knowing what works best for your industry. In order to get the best out of online marketing, here are 3 effective digital marketing strategies you need to invest in:


The first point of contact with prospective buyers is your website. You must have a highly responsive and organized website. Not having one could reduce the likelihood of you being contacted or making a sale off an online visitor. Most people base their judgment of your company on the quality of your website.

Here are a few tips to guide you in building a new website or developing the one you have:

  • A simple yet professional design is crucial factor in optimizing conversions on your website. Your website should have a great easy-to-navigate homepage. It must clearly state who you are, what you have to offer and responsive links to other pages of your website. Ensure that you make your website as simple as it can be.
  • It is next to impossible for websites that are not mobile-friendly to rank high on a Google search result which is your best bet in getting seen by prospects. Google, through its mobile-first indexing policy alienates such websites in search results.
  • If you are trading heavy equipment online, you must ensure that your website has a well-organized inventory feed. This is very important for specific search requests by visitors or via search engines. Simplify your inventory by making it easier for prospects to sort, filter and search through categories for their specific heavy equipment of interest.
  • Add comprehensive and descriptive content to your product list. It is important that businesses know exactly what they are about to purchase. Seeing, they say, is believing. Adding professional and high-quality images of each product would go a long way in convincing prospective buyers of the quality of the equipment you are offering.
  • Be very explicit about how you do business. Selling heavy construction equipment online requires that you provide accurate trade information. These would include your sales procedure, how you accept orders and whether or not you offer rentals and auctions.


Selling heavy machineries online is a ‘trust-building’ business. One way to effectively build trust is by nurturing prospects through engagement with relevant contents on social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the top social media platforms.

Making the most of social media profiles and marketing requires strategic and consistent effort. Here are a few guides on how to get the best out of social media:

  • Post regularly. Publish (or share) quality articles and publications on the construction market industry. Posting links to your products and including positive customer reviews would also do a lot of good. Appointing or recruiting an expert social media manager is your best bet to getting all these done.
  • Content marketing is a form of informative advertisement. Relevant details on the industry and market are communicated through published or video content. Video content is a must-have marketing strategy. Quality videos can be made either with smartphones or professional camera for a better result. These videos can be used in media campaigns, social media posts or for a YouTube channel.
  • Social Media campaigns can be used to reach the audience outside your connections. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube would prove very effective in this wise.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making your website easily readable by search engines. Optimizing your website contents for search engines is one of the most cost-effective ways to get quality leads for the sale of heavy construction equipment.

Potential heavy machineries buyers comes online seeking information at different stages of their buying journey. Having the right contents optimized against their search intents through keywords handed to them is a sure way to get them on to your website for further engagements that could lead to sales.

SEO involves a lot of technical details. Hence, it would require the expertise of SEO professionals. However, Machinery Planet offers a convenient way for you list your heavy machineries inventories online with increased chances of getting seen by the right audience without hassle. Its in-built dynamic SEO system gets your inventories ranked topmost on search results page without having to hire an SEO expert.

You can also download the All in one Guide and checklist put together by our digital marketing experts by clicking on the button below. 

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