Benefits of Renting Equipment
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  • Posted February 08, 2019

Benefits of Renting Equipment

This is for those who are still unaware or confused about the whole idea of renting heavy equipment. There are many benefits to renting instead of permanently adding to your fleet. These are some of the reasons why you should believe that renting is the way to go and how it can save you money in the long-run.


1. No long-time commitment
Purchasing heavy Construction Machinery is a huge commitment and will definitely make a dent in your books. Avoid the possibility of not using the equipment as much as you intended. When renting equipment you can ensure that you are only using the equipment as needed and save money during the projects you don’t.

2. Avoid the down payment
A down payment may be a tough decision and might be a lot more costly than you expected it to be. Renting equipment before making a big purchase can help you decide whether the equipment makes sense for your company and if it will be profitable in the long-run.

3. Ditch the maintenance and repair costs
One of the Best Reasons to Rent instead of purchase heavy machinery is to avoid the headache of constant maintenance costs and unexpected repairs. Downtime not only takes a toll on your company’s budget but also your timeline. Repairs can put your crew out of work until the problem is resolved. DOZR ensures that the equipment is in good working condition and in the case it does break down our team will have it fixed within a few hours or trade out the equipment so you can stay focused on the project at hand.

4. Don’t waste money on equipment you don’t need
Wasting money on unnecessary equipment could put you and your company in a tough situation. Purchasing a piece of equipment for a specific job and then figuring out that you won’t need it later could be a financial nightmare. Play it safe and rent the equipment until you are confident that it will be beneficial to your fleet.

5. Renting leads to more job opportunities   
Not owning a piece of equipment shouldn’t stop you from taking on new projects. Renting allows you to say yes to projects that require equipment that might not be in your fleet and will also help you profit from short-term rentals for specific job opportunities.

6. Freedom to try the newest technology and brands
Renting can be fun for your crew and yourself. Renting allows you to try out the newest technology and brands. Who knows, you might be surprised with a brand you thought you knew or how quick technology is changing the industry. Being on top of the newest and greatest machinery could also make you a more desirable hire than your competitors.

7. Absolutely no hassle with transportation
Renting allows you to focus on your current projects instead of on logistics like transporting equipment. DOZR takes care of all the details including the transportation of the rentals so you can focus on your projects.

8. No such thing as storage issues
Storing your equipment is just another hassle that slows you down and costs you. Renting avoids storage logistics such as moving the equipment back to the yard.
Renting can help you avoid inconveniences like repairs and transportation costs. Rentals can also create new job opportunities and make you more desirable for bigger projects

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