Safety Measures to Avoid Accidents
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  • Posted February 11, 2019

Safety Measures to Avoid Accidents

No matter how advanced the heavy equipment is accidents still occur in the workplace which is not only affecting the business but also an individual’s life and family. So it is advisable to take necessary safety measures in order to avoid such accidents. As the saying goes “ Prevention is better than cure”. There might be unavoidable accidents but we should try our best to avoid the occurrence of accidents. Misuse of Heavy Machinery Equipment can lead to hazardous accidents and sometimes may lead to the death of the worker. Accidents can take place with newly trained workers and even well-skilled laborer. So, the introduction of the machinery helps workers achieve many goals that were not possible earlier. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to avoid such accidents.

One of the most important ones is wearing safety belts. No matter where it is seat belt is for our safety and that is a known fact, so is it in the workplace and when you are dealing with huge machinery and equipment it is a definite must. In the case, if the vehicle rolls then wearing a seat belt will save a driver from being thrown away from the vehicle. Avoiding seat belts might lead to risky accidents. Next is maintaining the load limit. There definitely is a limit for uplifting loads. So the contractor should make sure by inspecting that load does not exceed its limit Also it should be taken utmost care that all workers are at a safe distance while moving and uplifting loads.

Most of the accidents can be avoided if they are given proper awareness. So to give such awareness is the responsibility of the administration. There is a great role for administrative control in avoiding accidents and thereby reducing the loss of both manpower and financial. Administrative control includes quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program which reduces defect loss. One of the errors seen is the unexpected start-up of the vehicle, which is very dangerous and can often cause accidents. It is necessary to make vehicle inoperative by disconnecting it from the power source.

Lockout Tag-out procedure must be followed strictly after the completion of a particular work. This will prevent a hazardous accident by separating the machines from its energy source. Care should be given that the workers are aware of this Lockout Tag-out procedure. Also, it is recommended that it is good to follow lockout/tag-out procedures during the maintenance and service of heavy machinery equipment.

So it is advisable that whenever workers are dealing with Heavy Machinery Equipment they follow these simple hacks so that they don’t have to bear any loss or cause any loss to the company. If an accident is prevented, a life is saved, if a life is saved, a family depending on them is saved. Thus benefitting the workers and the company. Prevention is always a blessing in disguise.

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