Tips for buying a New Skid Steer in Dubai
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  • Posted November 30, 2018

Tips for buying a New Skid Steer in Dubai

Since the past 30 years, Dubai has seen a drastic change in its landscape. Skid Steers being a highly functional piece of construction equipment, it is always profitable to buy a new skid steer in Dubai & Rent it out for multiple purposes. Skid Steers are the most versatile and resourceful equipment you can buy in Dubai.

People generally refer to Skid Steer as ‘ BOBCAT’, although they are just one of the manufacturers. Other manufacturers of Skid Steer are John Deere, Gehl, Mustang, JCB, CAT etc. Buying the perfect Skid Steer in Dubai can be very difficult as there is a huge range of machinery available.

You can follow these Tips for buying a new Skid Steer in Dubai for your purpose;


Understanding the size and specifications is very crucial, you may want to answer the following questions before you buy a new skid steer in Dubai -

  • What kind of terrain will you be using the Skid Steer for?

  • How many hours a day will you use it for?

  • How will the environment be? Will there be small passages that the Skid Steer go through?

  • What is the Rated Operating Capacity going to be?

Based on the above questions you can choose from the following sizes;

a, Small framed Skid Steer - Compact or small framed Skid Steer is the most efficient machinery available in the market. Their operating capacity generally falls between 1300 - 1800 lbs with 50 - 70 horsepower (hp) making them useful for small - job - site areas.


Price - These are affordable and perfect for first timers

Compactness - Although the size is compact, their frame is no less sturdy than the larger ones.

Maneuverability - they are able to maneuver in compact areas and move in their own track.


Power - Due to smaller load bearings they cannot lift a heavy load.

Less attachments - There is less opportunity for attachments.

b, Large Skid Steer - Larger Skid Steer have a great effect in the construction industry. They are able to operate with capacities of more than 2000 lbs with 7 hp.


 Horsepower - These models have high horsepower, which means you can use any attachment you need.

Resourceful - Large framed Skid Steer provide more opportunities to work in difficult terrains


Less cost-effective - Investing on a Large Skid Steer can be heavy on your pocket.

High maintenance - These machines have high maintenance


After you have understood what size of Skid Steer you want to buy, you will want to decide on the power.

You can go through the following specifications to find the best Skid Steer in Dubai.




Most machines fall below 50 -70 hp that providing the machine natural traction and pull.


In most cases the standard package on a Skid Steer is suitable for any work the machine is supposed to do; but in some cases, higher flow hydraulics are more useful.

Here are some types of Auxiliary Hydraulic systems ;

  • Standard Flow Auxiliary Hydraulic Package - These normally range from 17 - 25 gallons per min (gpm) . you can use accessories like augers & hammers; with pressurization upto 3000 - 3500 pounds per square inch (psi) on average.

  • HIgh Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Package - High flow package means increased attachment, run time & productivity. Pressurization is although same , the pressure flow rate is increased. They are needed for landscaping mulchers and shredders.

  • Enhanced High FLow Auxiliary Hydraulics Package - Enhanced high flow auxiliary hydraulics package can get most out of pound per square inch flow to boost output to 4000 psi. The gallons per minute rate is same as high - flow auxiliary hydraulics package  and is required for attachments that need maximum hydraulics pressure allotment to run.


  • Following are some attachments to be considered for your Skid Steer in Dubai ;

  • 3 - point adapters

  • Augers

  • Angel broom

  • Backhoe

  • Concrete dispenser

  • Multi Purpose buckets

  • Pallet forks

  • Trenchers


          Earlier Skid Steer only had 3 tyres, but now there are many types to choose from. The wheels do not have their own steering mechanism, rather they rely on their own weight of the vehicle to steer itself

              There are 3 types of tyres for different surfaces;

  • Air Filled - These are the most basic & cost effective type. Do not use them on surfaces with nails, shards of metal and anything that could poke a flat.

  • Solid Rubber - these tyres are filled with rubber instead of air. You will never get a flat with these types. Due to lack of suspension, you may experience a bumpy ride if not moving on a plane surface.

  • Foam filled pneumatic - These are the most heavy and expensive types. They are extra durable and can wear the transmission in some cases.

You can now BUY & RENT Skid Steer in Dubai from the Machine Planet, just fill up your specifications and the most relevant machinery will appear for you.

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