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Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is a heavy machine used for transferring liquid concrete from the source to the place of casting. It is one of the most important parts of any construction project.

Principle of Concrete Pump

A basic concrete pump is designed with a two-cylinder hydraulic pump. It works on the principle of one part drawing the concrete from the hopper or concrete source and the other part pushing it forcefully into the discharge outlet pipe. As a consequence, the liquid concrete starts moving from the source to the casting place. The functionality of which cylinder needs to open to the hopper and which cylinder needs to open to the discharge pipe is fully controlled a valve. The advanced concrete pumps facilitate added functionalities like creating high-pressure to pump liquid concrete at different heights and lengths (according to your needs). It is a must for high-rise buildings.

Different types of concrete pumps

To meet different pumping needs, different types of concrete pumps have come to the market. A vast majority of these use the latest developing technologies.

Given below are three main types of concrete pumps:

  • Boom or truck mounted pump
  • Specialized usage pump
  • Line concrete pumps
  • Trailer, line, or stationary pump

Boom or truck-mounted concrete pumps stay fixed at one particular position all the time while pouring liquid concrete on a construction project. This is why these are sometimes called stationary concrete pumps.

Line concrete pumps are used in small construction projects. It includes a line pump that remains attached to the back of the truck or the trailer.

How to choose a concrete pump?

While choosing concrete pumps you need to consider three important things mentioned below:

  • The manufacturing company
  • The purpose of choosing it
  • The complexity of the construction projects (a high rise or low rise building)
  • Required functionalities  and economic factor

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