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Dump Truck

A dump truck, dumper truck or tipper is a large-sized, heavy-engine truck used for carrying heavy loads (dumps like sand, gravel, or demolition waste). The back part of it can be raised at one end so that the contents piled on the bed can fall from it easily. 

A dumper truck is equipped with an open-box bed hinged at the rear and controlled with hydraulic rams to lift at one end so that the material deposited on its bed slides from it and comes out of it easily. It makes the unloading task much easier and time-saving. You do not need to involve people to unload it. 

Types of dump trucks

Dump trucks are operated by hydraulics. These come with a wide range of options and configurations. Each type is designed to execute or accomplish a specific type of task in the construction material supply chain.

Given below are the common types of dump trucks used in the construction industry and material supply chain:

  • Standard dump truck

  • Super-dump truck

  • Haul truck

  • Semi-trailer end dump truck

  • Articulated hauler

  • Semi-trailer bottom dump truck

  • Transfer dump truck

  • Truck and pup

  • Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck

  • Side dump truck

  • Roll-off trucks

  • Off-highway dump trucks

Uses of dump truck  

Dump trucks come in handy for meeting several purposes, including carrying loads, transporting heavy loads, clearing up a construction site, cleaning out home before moving, and moving different types of materials like scrap metal, rubble and lumber. 

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