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Forklift for rent

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Used Forklift For Rent

A forklift is a very powerful machine which is accustomed to lifting and moving materials over short distance. Workers are ready to move materials easily to different locations, since the invention of forklifts, as they assist workers to extend their productivity and eliminate the strain on the body caused by lifting heavy objects. A forklift is also called as lift truck, jitney, fork truck, fork hoist, and forklift truck.

Types of forklift

Different types include

Reach stacker

• counterbalanced forklift

• Low lift truck


Tow tractor

Side loader

Telescopic handler

Order picking truck

• Counterbalanced trucks

Specialized trucks

• Automated forklift trucks

• Explosion proof trucks

• Marina forklifts

• Omnidirectional trucks

• Articulated counterbalance trucks

• Guided very narrow aisle trucks

Electric, diesel forklifts available from various brands such as CAT, Hyster. Do check out forklift price in UAE at machinery planet.


Different types of attachments for a common forklift

Attachments are accessories that you add to the forklift as some attachments extend the length or grabbing ability of the forks. Others are clamps that secure payloads.

  • Dimensioning devices
  • Side shifter
  • Rotator
  • Fork positioner
  • Roll and barrel clamp attachment
  • Pole attachments
  • Carton and multipurpose clamp attachments
  • Slip sheet attachments (push-pull)
  • Drum handler attachments
  • Man basket
  • Telescopic fork
  • Scales
  • Single-double forks
  • Snow plough
  • Skips

Application of forklifts

Each forklift has a practical application. Considering the budget, forklift rental makes more sense than buying one.

With load capacities of forklift ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 lbs and heights ranging as high as 55 ft. which are some of the most common forklifts including warehouse forklifts, telehandlers, industrial forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, pallet jacks, and walkie stackers. Visit our blog to learn more about these different types of forklifts or buy Forklifts for Sale at Machinery Planet.

Workers must have certifications to operate as a forklift operator. While driving a forklift, the driver faces four main difficulties. These four difficulties are attachments, loads, people, and the job site.



At Machinery Planet, we have both new and used Forklifts listed on our website for sale, for rent and for auction depending on what you want; we are the number one platform for sourcing for Forklifts dealers in Dubai, UAE. You can always count on us to link you up with dealers that sell quality and affordable Forklifts that promises good value for your money. We have all kinds of Forklifts such as three-wheel counterbalance Forklifts, telescopic handler Forklifts, pedestrian pallet trucks, order picker Forklifts, and side loader Forklifts among others listed on our platform. So whatever type of Forklifts you are looking for, we have got you covered at Machinery Planet.

You can always rely on our expertise whenever you call on us to rent any kind of Forklifts for your short term or long term use. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and we will work with you to get the right Forklifts of your choice.

Our rental fees are affordable and competitive enough compared with what you will get elsewhere. Machinery Planet is your home of a variety of Forklifts that will suit your needs, you cannot go wrong with the broad options listed on Machinery Planet. We will help you to easily source for the right Forklifts that best suits your specification and requirements as we understand the fact that delivering quality to our customers is the only way we can earn their trust. When we earn the trust of our customer, they can always refer other potential customers to us and it is based on this knowledge we operate at Machinery Planet. Some manufacturers sell more forklift vehicles in the United States or forklift for sale in UAE while others do better worldwide. Check our great quality used forklifts purchasable at Machinery Planet.

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