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Pipelayer For Sale At Machinery Planet

Pipelayers and side booms are a key piece of machinery on any pipeline construction site. With a good sort of machines currently available, and issues like safety and therefore the environment driving further developments within the industry, Pipelines International outlines key considerations for choosing the equipment that best suits your needs.

When selecting a pipelayer or sideboom for a pipeline construction project, there are many considerations to take into account. A pipelayer is going to be selected supporting the dimensions and weight of the pipe to be installed and topography of the development site. These considerations impact on the lifting capacity of the pipelayer, transportability and simple service required for the project.

If limited access to the right-of-way is encountered, transporting the pipelayer to site are often a problem. Contractors can think about using machines with a lower lift capacity, but use more of them to lift a neighborhood of pipe. On remote access pipelines or projects with tight completion timelines, simple service are often an important consideration.

The contractor could also prefer to purchase an outsized pipelayer machine with the power to self-disassemble.

Stability and Safety

Machine stability remains a known issue with pipelayer and sideboom machinery. Safety improvements are continually being made within the pipelayer/sideboom industry.

Caterpillar pipelayers have variety of features that are adapted with safety in mind. Caterpillar has engineered the application Roll over Protective Structure (ROPS) for each specific PL model pipelayer, as well as the introduction of mirrors, see-through points in the cab and shorter blocks, giving better visibility to the boom.

In addition to built-in safety features or mechanisms, adequate training is imperative to make sure safety on the development site, and this includes knowing the way to properly operate pipelayer and sideboom equipment. Well-trained operators and well-maintained equipment are both crucial to safe pipe laying operations.

The environment

The pipeline industry is becoming increasingly mindful of reducing the carbon footprint of pipeline construction projects. Companies that manufacture and distribute pipelayer and sideboom equipment are responding by developing pipelayers with engines that have lower emissions.

Future developments

Each pipeline construction spread is different, requiring contractors to think twice about the machinery that might best suit the project. Pipelayer and sideboom manufacturers offer many various options for pipeline projects, while taking key issues like safety and therefore the environment into consideration.

In addition, pipelayer and sideboom machinery is continually developing. The industry continues to enhance the transportability of the equipment, develop accessories to enhance operator comfort and efficiency, and to engineer machinery required for brand spanking new trends within the pipeline industry.

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