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With Machinery Planet PRO, you can buy heavy machinery online and complete your purchase from the comfort of your desk. Choose from a wide list of Inspected machines with a money-back guarantee if the machinery you receive is not as advertised. Pay for your machinery through a secure and trusted channel, (World’s no.1 escrow service).

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Every Machinery advertised on Machinery Planet PRO will have a Pre-Purchase Inspection conducted by an independent third-party provider at NO additional cost. Pre-Purchase Inspection provides you the transparency regarding the safety condition and reliability of the machinery. If any machinery does not pass the Inspection, we simply will not sell it.


Secure payment

To ensure security of your payment, all payments made to Machinery Planet are managed through (Worlds #1 escrow services). You also receive live access to monitor the status of your funds on


Money-back Guarantee

We give you up to 7 business days from the arrival of the machinery at the port to inspect and make sure the machinery you received is as advertised. If you find out that the machinery is not as advertised, we will give you a full refund through Machinery Planet PROtect.

If you’re looking to buy heavy machinery online from the comfort of your desk, explore inspected machinery with Money-back Guarantee through Machinery Planet PROtect.

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