Used Komatsu PC400-8 good condition - USE-EXC-448505

Reference: USE-EXC-448505

Used Komatsu PC400-8 good condition image
  • Used Komatsu PC400-8 good condition image
  • Used Komatsu PC400-8 good condition image
  • Used Komatsu PC400-8 good condition image
  • Used Komatsu PC400-8 good condition image

Crawler Excavators, KOMATSU, Komatsu PC400-8 Excavator

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The advantages of Komatsu PC400-8 excavator are: 1. Powerful power system: Equipped with Komatsu imported engine, it has high power and high torque, and can provide excellent digging and bulldozing capabilities. 2. Stable working performance: It adopts a full hydraulic drive system with excellent stability and sensitivity, which can respond quickly to various working conditions and improve production efficiency. 3. Comfortable operating environment: The cab is spacious and comfortable, with reasonable design, adjustable seat, air conditioning and noise insulation, which reduces the fatigue of the operator and improves work efficiency. 4. Efficient fuel economy: It adopts Komatsu's unique engine fuel-saving technology, with excellent fuel economy and can reduce operating costs. 5. Sound safety system: It is equipped with a variety of safety devices, including anti-slip ladders, boarding and disembarking assist devices, etc., which provide a safer operating environment. 6. Easy to maintain and service: The layout of the whole machine is reasonable, the main components are easy to repair and replace, the maintenance cost is low, and the maintenance time and cost are reduced. 7. Highly adaptable to various working sites: It has good off-road performance and passability, and can adapt to the operation needs under different geological conditions. In addition, the Komatsu PC400-8 excavator also has the advantages of low noise, low emissions, and efficient cooling, and is widely used in construction, mining and other fields.



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