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Reach trucks for sale

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Reach Trucks For Sale At Machinery Planet

Reach trucks are designed to work in narrow aisle warehousing spaces. They have two outer legs that distribute the load weight; with a wheel configuration of two or one wheels per leg.  The drive wheel is located under the operator’s seating position. The driver sits sideways when operating the machine.

The wheel base of a reach truck is the same length as a normal counter-balance forklift; however the body is more compact.  When lifting a load a reach truck moves the load back within the wheelbase; meaning less of the load is protruding from the reach truck, allowing the reach truck to work in much narrower aisles.

Types of Reach Trucks

Pantograph Reach Trucks

A Pantograph Reach Truck uses a scissor design reach mechanism to extend the lifting forks forward, allowing it to reach into racking with either a double or a single reach configuration design.  These reach trucks are designed to drive into the racking to load pallets therefore racking configurations must be arranged to have no bar on the bottom level with bottom pallets being loaded directly onto the floor.  Another option for racking configurations is to employ the use of smaller wheels with a higher bottom bar configuration to allow for the reach truck to move forward under the racking bottom bar.  It is also important to note that pantographic reach trucks have a higher lifting capacity when fully extended at double deep reaching.

Moving Mast Reach Trucks

A Moving Mast Reach Truck uses a hydraulic system; based on rails that allow the entire mast to move forward.  A moving mast reach truck’s key disadvantage is that it is unable to handle double deep racking without a fork extension attachment. These trucks come standard with larger-diameter wheels giving them greater ground clearance, often enabling them to operate dockside as well as in narrow aisles.

Other Configurations

A Reach Straddle Truck is an uncommon configuration of either type of reach truck. This allows the unit to straddle the pallet (meaning the legs are set apart wider so that the unit legs can surround the pallet).

This type of configuration is not recommended as it means that pallets cannot be as closely stacked resulting in increased required storage space.

At Machinery Planet, we have both new and used Reach trucks listed on our website for sale and for auction depending on what you want; we are the number one platform for sourcing for Reach trucks dealers in Dubai, UAE. You can always count on us to link you up with dealers that sell quality and affordable Reach trucks that promises good value for your money. We have all kinds of Reach trucks such as three-wheel counterbalance Reach trucks, telescopic handler Reach trucks, pedestrian pallet trucks, order picker Reach trucks, and side loader Reach trucks among others listed on our platform. So whatever type of Reach trucks you are looking for, we have got you covered at Machinery Planet.

All you need to do is to get in touch with us and we will work with you to get the right Reach trucks of your choice. We will help you to easily source for the right Reach trucks that best suits your specification and requirements as we understand the fact that delivering quality to our customers is the only way we can earn their trust. When we earn the trust of our customer, they can always refer other potential customers to us and it is based on this knowledge we operate at Machinery Planet.

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