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Rough Terrain Forklift for sale

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Rough Terrain Forklift For Sale At Machinery Planet

Rough terrain forklifts, are designed to run on rough, unpaved surfaces. They are commonly used around construction sites as they have large, pneumatic tires and are usually powered by an indoor combustion engine running on gasoline, diesel, or propane fuel. Rough terrain forklifts can have a vertical tower, which lifts loads straight up, or a telescoping boom, which lifts loads up and out from the bottom of the machine.

Forklifts generally fall under two categories:

Raw Materials

The forklift manufacturer usually fabricates the frame, cab, boom, and body of a rough terrain forklift and Steel is the commonest material for these subassemblies. Some steel or aluminum castings or forgings can also be used. Non-metallic materials like nylon plastic blocks are sometimes used as guides within the boom assembly as the remainder of the parts are usually purchased as finished products and are installed by the forklift manufacturer. The Purchased products include the engine, transmission, axles, wheels, tires, brakes, seats, gauges, lights, back-up alarm, hoses, and hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic fluid, lubricants, and fuel are purchased in bulk quantities and are added as needed


A typical rough terrain forklift is long and low with a pair of wheels at the acute front and another pair located towards the rear. The boom is mounted at the rear of the forklift off a pivot that's raised several feet above the extent of the frame. The cab is mounted on the left-hand side of the frame structure with rock bottom half the cab low and between the tires. The hydraulic fluid tank and fuel tank are mounted opposite the cab on the right-hand side. The engine and transmission are mounted within the frame along the center-line of the vehicle.

The Manufacturing Process

The rough terrain forklift is generally manufactured in separate, functional group sections:

  1. Hydraulics,
  2. Powertrain (engine, transmission, etc.),
  3. Electrical,
  4. Chassis, and boom.

Individual components are either purchased or created from raw materials and joined into subassemblies. The subassemblies are then brought together within the ultimate assembly area where the forklift is completed.

Materials preparation

  • Welding
  • Shot Blasting
  • Painting
  • Subassembly

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