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Scissor Lifts for sale

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Scissor Lifts For Sale At Machinery Planet

The platform that can usually only move vertically and has the mechanism to realize this is often the utilization of linked, folding supports during a crisscross "X" pattern, referred to as a pantograph (or scissor mechanism). The upward motion is achieved by the appliance of pressure to the surface of rock bottom set of supports, elongating the crossing pattern, and propelling the work platform vertically. The platform also can have an extending deck to allow closer access to the work area, thanks to the inherent limits of vertical-only movement


Here are the steps to how a scissor lift works:

  • The power source is turned on and begins to fill the cylinder(s) with hydraulic fluid or compressed gas.
  • Hydraulic fluid or compressed gas is pushed from one area to a different.
  • The cylinder is pushed outwards and causes the legs to push apart.

Providing a secure, steady enclosure and a rising platform, a scissor lift helps workers accomplish precise tasks at high elevations, from close inspections to cable wiring. A scissor lift may be a sort of construction lift, which is machinery equipped with a platform to elevate workers and loads to high areas.


A lift table may be a device that employs a scissors mechanism to boost or lower goods and/or persons. Typically lift tables are wont to raise large, heavy loads through relatively small distances. Lift tables lend themselves to being easily adapted to a selected use.


Over one year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration evaluated ten preventable fatalities and over 20 preventable injuries resulting from a scissor lift incident and found that most of these accidents fell into three categories:

  • Fall protection,
  • Stabilization, and
  • Positioning.

High-capacity MEWPs are often an excellent solution for lifting materials. The highest capacity scissor lift that Genie manufactures is the Genie GS-3390 RT model with a 2,500-lb capacity and 39-ft of working height. It is designed for lifting heavy or large materials and is a good option for large job sites.

At Machinery Planet, we have both new and used Scissor lifts listed on our website for sale and for auction depending on what you want; we are the number one platform for sourcing for Scissor lifts dealers in Dubai, UAE. You can always count on us to link you up with dealers that sell quality and affordable Scissor lifts that promises good value for your money. We have all kinds of Scissor lifts such as three-wheel counterbalance Scissor lifts, telescopic handler Scissor lifts, pedestrian pallet trucks, order picker Scissor lifts, and side loader Scissor lifts among others listed on our platform. So whatever type of Scissor lifts you are looking for, we have got you covered at Machinery Planet.

All you need to do is to get in touch with us and we will work with you to get the right Scissor lifts of your choice. Machinery Planet is your home of a variety of Scissor lifts that will suit your needs, you cannot go wrong with the broad options listed on Machinery Planet. We will help you to easily source for the right Scissor lifts that best suits your specification and requirements as we understand the fact that delivering quality to our customers is the only way we can earn their trust. When we earn the trust of our customer, they can always refer other potential customers to us and it is based on this knowledge we operate at Machinery Planet.

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