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What is an asphalt paver?

An asphalt paver is basically a piece of heavy construction equipment used to lay or pave asphalt on roads, bridges, parking areas, side areas of a building or construction and other such places. An asphalt paver makes the asphalt flat on the surface and does minor compaction before pasted or compacted by a roller.

The asphalt paver was designed and developed by Barber Greene Co. It was first introduced in 1934.  The commercialization of it was started in 1974. Since then to date, the design and structure remain unchanged. 

How does it work? 

Hot mix asphalt is loaded in front and taken to the rear with the aid of a set of conveyor belts or flight feeders. After that, it is spread out with the help of a set of augers and leveled before compacted by a screed.  The screed carries the stockpile of material and spreads it over the width of the road. The screed offers initial compaction. 

An asphalt paver is made of high-quality steel to ensure strength and durability. The tractor mainframe is galvanized and fabricated by heavy-gauge steel plate. 

Uses of asphalt paver

Asphalt paver has manifold uses in the construction industry. It is extensively used for making roads, bridges, parking areas, and side areas of a construction building.   

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