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Semi-trailers for rent

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Semi-trailers for Rent at Machinery Planet

A semi-trailer or semi-trailer truck is basically a unique-shaped trailer without a front axle. A large part of its weight is supported by a road tractor or a different tractor unit. The detachable front-axle assembly is called a dolly. When the tractor and semi-trailer remain coupled, it is called a semi-trailer truck. Semi-trailer trucks have extensive uses in the transportation industry. A semi-trailer is generally equipped well with landing gear or legs. The legs can be lowered down to support it perfectly in an unhooked or uncoupled condition. Semi-trailers are more popular than full trailers due to their more backing capacity. Both of these include front and rear axles.

Uses of semi-trailers

Semi-trailers are highly popular in North America, Australia, the UK, and the UAE. Although semi-trailers have extensive uses in the surface transportation industry, many industries like construction, packing and moving, and freight forwarding require these for carrying and moving goods.   

Types of semi-trailers

There are as many as 14 types of semi-trailers serving a wide range of purposes for different industries. Given below are different types of semi-trailers available in the market

  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Lowboy Trailers         
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Dry Vans
  • Specialty trailers
  • Side kit trailers
  • Multi-car trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • RNC or Removable gooseneck trailers
  • Power only trailers
  • Stretch single drop deck trailer
  • Conestoga trailers
  • Stretch RNG trailers
  • Extendable double drop trailers
  • Extendable flatbed trailers

You can make a selection according to your needs.

Semi-trailers for rent are made available and semi-trailers for sale are made available. If you are looking for semi-trailers for rent in UAE or semi-trailers for sale in UAE you can visit the Machinery Planet official website for the best prices. It is one of its kind digital marketplaces bringing you different types of semi-trailers for rent and other heavy equipment at the most competitive prices. You can have a plethora of options, discounts, and prices offered by different sellers. This helps you save your money, time, and effort to invest in your core competencies.

At Machinery Planet, we have both new and used Semi-trailers listed on our website for sale, for rent, and for auction depending on what you want; we are the number one platform for sourcing for Semi-trailers dealers in Dubai, UAE. You can always count on us to link you up with dealers that sell quality and affordable Semi-trailers that promises good value for your money. We have all kinds of Semi-trailers such as three-wheel counterbalance Semi-trailers, telescopic handler Semi-trailers, pedestrian pallet trucks, order pickers Semi-trailers, and side loader Semi-trailers among others listed on our platform. So whatever type of Semi-trailers you are looking for, we have got you covered at Machinery Planet.

You can always rely on our expertise whenever you call on us to rent any kind of Semi-trailers for your short term or long term use. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and we will work with you to get the right Semi-trailers of your choice.

Our rental fees are affordable and competitive enough compared with what you will get elsewhere. Machinery Planet is your home of a variety of Semi-trailers that will suit your needs, you cannot go wrong with the broad options listed on Machinery Planet. We will help you to easily source for the right Semi-trailers that best suits your specification and requirements as we understand the fact that delivering quality to our customers is the only way we can earn their trust. When we earn the trust of our customer, they can always refer to other potential.

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